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Marczyk’s House Made Mozzarella

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Marczyk’s House Made Mozzarella

Erica started buying Marczyk’s house made mozzarella eleven years ago when it was a rare luxury to find anyone in town selling it. Pete Marczyk, the founder of the market, wanted to be the first to offer this old world delicacy to Denver. These days, fresh mozzarella is readily available in town, but Marczyk’s is still our go-to.

We were given special access to the mozzarella-making process with Randi Antonio, one of the cheese experts at the 17th Ave. store. The method Randi uses was taught to her by Marczyk’s buyer, Christopher Wier, and is in her opinion the best way to make the age- old cheese. This cheese making process has been around since the 12th century when the Italians originally made it with water buffalo milk. Cows’ milk started being used when the cheese was introduced to the U.S. by Italian immigrants at the turn of the century. Although the recipe itself is simple, the success of it is “all in the timing” and using the best quality curds. Careful attention to exact temperatures is required when melting the curds in a hot water bath. And some tender loving care is required once the curds have softened so that they can be quickly molded into balls. In Randi’s case, practice has resulted in perfect.

Now that summer is at our doorstep and the scent of smoldering backyard grills is in the air, we start craving our favorite recipe, Roasted Tomato Caprese Sliders! No condiments are necessary for these bite size gems. Slow roasted tomatoes and a sprig of basil atop Marczyk’s creamy rich mozzarella is all you need!

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