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Cured Market


Cured Market

We came upon Cured Market while shooting our story on Boxcar Coffee Roasters. The market and the roastery inhabit the very same space, creating a bustling gathering place for Boulder’s culinary aficionados. This little market, owned and run by a young entrepreneurial couple, Will and Coral Frischkorn lures you in with bountiful displays of mostly local artisanal products. While the focus seems to be the deli counter where Will and Coral slice up cured meats and make cheese suggestions, their shelves are also filled with a nice array of elegantly wrapped chocolates, citrus infused sea salts, preserves made of berries hand picked from Western Slope patches, striped French linen tablecloths, and more. The centerpiece of the shared space is a farm table topped with old world baskets overflowing with rustic breads baked in a local bread maker’s oven. And in a small space tucked in the back of the shop, is an extensive collection of craft beers and wines and liquor. Many are Colorado distilled and brewed.

The idea for Cured was born from Will and Coral’s collective years of living and traveling in Europe. The notion of shopping daily at small, family owned markets that sold locally picked and hand made products inspired them to introduce that experience to Colorado. They champion people who produce and grow the things they sell. So, they quickly became a generous wellspring of ideas and resources for us to feature in The Urban Almanac. Under the roof of Cured Market, you can discover much of what Colorado gives us to eat.

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