Broken Shovels Farm

“Most farms keep goats to make cheese. I make cheese to keep my goats.” This is Andrea Davis’ manifesto. She is the inspiration behind Broken Shovels Farm, a working goat farm and cheese-making...Read more »

Mushroom Foraging

Foraging for mushrooms is a very secretive and competitive activity. It is rare to find hunters who will share their well-searched locations that sprout enough mushrooms to fill their baskets. Certain types of edible fungi can garner quite a bit of pocket change if sold to local chefs, or at the ver...Read more »

Slow Food Denver and Denver Urban Gardens Sponsor Youth Farmers' Markets

One of the inspirations for starting The Urban Almanac was our shared involvement in Slow Food’s Seed to Table School Food Project at Bromwell Elementary. We both have children who took part in the care of the school garden and benefited from what Alice Waters, the founder of the Edible ...Read more »

Grampa's Gourmet Honey

As I photographed, the threatening hum of the buzzing bees around my netted head gave me a new appreciation for the intense passion and commitment a beekeeper must have to tend to their colonies of bees. Maybe it’s in the bloodline, as with Brent Edelen of Grampa’s Gourmet Honey, a sixth generat...Read more »

Marczyk's House Made Mozzarella

Erica started buying Marczyk’s house made mozzarella eleven years ago when it was a rare luxury to find anyone in town selling it. Pete Marczyk, the founder of the market, wanted to be the first to offer this old world delicacy to Denver. These days, fresh mozzarella is readily available in town, ...Read more »

Cottonwood Creek Farm Eggs

It might have been the pink egg carton with 11 brown eggs and one green one inside that grabbed our attention. But once we cracked open the Cottonwood Creek Farm eggs, we were reminded of what we already knew…farm fresh eggs simply taste the best. So we set out to meet Matt Kautz at his family ...Read more »

Steven Scott: Master Baker

While shopping at Cured Market in Boulder, we came upon Steve Scott’s most exquisite crown loaves of bread piled high on a rustic table. The shape and scent of his bread was unique to us with the crispy bits, like triangular potato chips peeling off the boule, and the tops brushed with lemony butt...Read more »

Nathan Miller Chocolates

Tell us about your path to becoming a pastry chef and the evolution to chocolatier. Well, they say as a kid you shouldn’t play with your food. I always played with my food. It started at a very young age and by the time I was in high school I was completely certain I wanted to ...Read more »

Dagstani & Sons Jams and Jellies

As consummate searchers for Colorado’s best food artisans, we had the opportunity to spend the morning with Raj Dagstani, principal jam maker at Dagstani & Sons, to learn more about his zen approach to the art of small batch jam making. While sipping coffee and eating jam on toast, we photogra...Read more »

Heirloom Tomatoes

Have you ever bitten into a garden fresh tomato and marveled at how the flavor is so much more distinctive, rich, and robust than the bland, tasteless ones you bring home from the grocery store? If so, and if you want to kick the experience up a notch or two, try sinking your teeth into a garden fre...Read more »

Cured Market

We came upon Cured Market while shooting our story on Boxcar Coffee Roasters. The market and the roastery inhabit the very same space, creating a bustling gathering place for Boulder’s culinary aficionados. This little market, owned and run by a young entrepreneurial couple, Will and Coral Frischk...Read more »

Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Within the caffeinated pace of the coffee culture, there is a place with a new way to brew that slows you down. Vajra and Cara Rich have opened up a roastery and coffee bar in a shared space at Cured Cheese Shop in Boulder where they serve espresso drinks and their own specially brewed “cowboy cof...Read more »

Fruition Farms

Under the perennial blue sky of the central Colorado plains, neatly tucked in the hills near Larkspur, stands Fruition Farms Sheep Dairy and Creamery, the first artisanal sheep dairy in the state. In 2009 Chef Alex Seidel of Denver’s Fruition Restaurant and his partners Paul Attardi, Jimmy (the sh...Read more »

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